Exhibition "Suitcase of my life"

About the project

Project description

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In the wake of COVID-19 a lot of young Europeans experience for the first time lengthy lockdowns, border closures, restriction of individual freedom. They face the unique challenge of managing their personal development and transition to adulthood amid more uncertainties than usual. This is why the knowledge and practices of senior citizens are becoming increasingly important to young people: seniors have experienced wars, hardship, and difficult times and know how to cope with stress and uncertainty in life.

Their knowledge and practices can aid young peoples’ survival during these unprecedented and challenging times. So therefore intergenerational thinking and action is essential for addressing challenges faced by local communities in times of increasing global uncertainty.

Young and elder people are matched on 1:1 basis, and together they work on individual “Suitcase of my life” (with physical distance if necessary): They share their life experiences, and create objects, photos, videos, audio files, drawings etc. that stand for the various experiences they made. At the end each participant will have create his own individual “Suitcase of my life” with the support of the matched person.

Project aims

The overall aim of the project is the promotion of intergenerational dialogue, learning and work through arts and creativity.

To achieve this aim, the partners will develop the “Suitcase of my life” programme, where seniors and young people are matched on 1:1 basis, exchange their life experiences and create individual “suitcases of life”, which will be displayed in traveling exhibition and in an online exhibition website.

Specific objectives

Create new room and opportunities for young and elder people to meet on eye level, to rediscover the joy of learning together and
Highlight the advantage of bridging the experience, wisdom and skills of different generations
Learning from the stories and life experiences of the elder generation and through collaborative art work, young people hopefully will come up the creative and innovative solutions to face the unprecedented risks, and societal challenges Covid 19 brings
Conversely, the younger generation has skills that it can make available to the older generation. The kind of collective intelligence, shared meaning among generations can help us to build peaceful and emphatic societies. They’ll learn from one another about how to stay healthy and safe, and share stories of resilience
Strengthen their bonds and help to reduce inhibitions and prejudice between the groups and promote intergenerational respect and solidarity
Acquire new knowledge and skills
Exhibit their joint learning and creative process (virtual and online exhibitions)
Create a joint European virtual exhibition “Suitcase of my life” and inspire others to follow similar tasks and approaches

Target group

Young people
Youth workers
Social workers
Adult educators
Senior home staff