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About the organizations

Coordinating organization

“Gemeinsam leben & lernen in Europa” (GLL) Germany

The NGO “Gemeinsam leben und lernen in Europa e. V.” (GLL) is a private grassroot NGO in the region of eastern Bavaria, with its head office in Passau. The main emphasis of GLLs work is to initiate cooperation, activities and projects among the different individuals, organizations and communities who are all working to eliminate discrimination and inequality, wherever it appears.

GLL promotes mutual understanding and learning of each other as well as cooperation between all age groups as well as the people in Europe.

GLL has initiated and implemented a lot of local and transnational volunteer led and runs an inclusive, intergenerational and intercultural community center in Passau. 

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The partner organizations

ILEWASI – Center for research, promotion and defense of the rights of the children and adolescents – Spain

ILEWASI is an NGO founded in Castellón in 2009, formed by a team of professionals and volunteers from different countries who believe in Human Rights.

Its main goal is to get everyone knows the core values of European Union, the rights of the children, the SDG and to put all these in practice by taking action. The main objectives are education for development, raising awareness about the rights of children and adolescents and to work directly with children rights and interculturality. 

The main activities of ILEWASI are in the area of Education for Development/ awareness. The activities are used for inspiration of the community to the development of a more tolerant, inclusive and egalitarian society.

Seal Cypurs – Cyprus

SEAL CYPRUS is a non-profit organisation based in Nicosia, the ethnically divided capital of Cyprus.

Through their work, Seal Cyprus tries to overcome the results of the urban division, and our members are from both ethnic groups.

Main objectives of Seal Cyprus:

-To provide continuing education to youth professionals, teachers, career counsellors, and adult educators. 

-To improve the level of key competences of pupils, young people, adult, and senior learners with a focus on those with fewer opportunities (social or financial barriers, disabilities, learning or cultural difficulties, differences, health problems or geographical difficulties), immigrants and refugees. 

To advocate the recognition of non-formal education, lifelong learning and youth work. 

– To reinforce the link between the formal and non-formal education, youth work, adult education, and the labor market.

Association Multikultura – North Macedonia

Association Multikultura is leading youth nongovernmental organization promoting youth activism and participation in decision making, established in August 2000.

During these 20 years, Multikultura has implemented many projects in different areas, such as:

– youth activism and youth participation
– formulation and monitoring of youth policies
-advocacy and lobbying for issues targeting young people
– capacity building and training of trainers in the area of leadership, public speaking and debate
– building a volunteerism culture among young people
– social inclusion
– providing free legal aid
– monitoring of local institutions

 Also, the association has around 100 members and 50 volunteers who actively contribute in the planning and implementation of the activities.